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Summer is coming to an end...

What A crazy year 2020 has turned out to be. I hope everyone got to spend some extra quality time with their families this summer.

with summer coming to an end and fall right around the corner, many of you have made a decision on if you are sending your kiddos to school, staying home and doing online school or maybe you homeschool or have decided to homeschool. Whatever the case may be, let me help you out in the meal department. Preorder some things to make your school week or weekday/weekend dinner a hit!

Try some pizza buns or regular buns for a quick lunch. I also have frozen pizza dough that you can whip up quick or you could slow cook a pork shoulder during the day and preorder some freshly baked buns to put it on and you could even add a creamy loaded potato salad.

Sweet treats? There are so many to chose from. Browse the bakery products, you won’t be able to chose just one :)

Speaking of back to school, I am

planning on doing some chalk board signs up for your back to school photo opportunities. Stay tuned.....


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